Artist : Sofia

Sofia Diaz

Cordoba - Argentina

Category: Professional



International Oriental Dancer, Teacher, Coreographer
Director of Safia School
Master and choreographer of great international recognition, she has shown her art through stages in different countries of the world.
Of inherited Arab roots. She began in the Arab dance at the age of three and has since earned countless awards for her dance, charisma and charm.

She is characterized by her dynamic energy, her wonderful pedagogical capacity and by always leaving a mark on the stage that it treads.
Received as a teacher of Arab dances, in Córdoba, by the hand of Gabriela Grenethier.
Received as a teacher of Arab dances with only 15 years of age by Master Amir Thaleb. (Bs. As.)
SAFIA is the first dancer of the Arabian Dance Company of master Amir Thaleb.
She is the producer and creator of FEIDAC, the largest Arab Dance Festival in Córdoba, Argentina.

She is the director of her own institution "Safia School". She teaches and teaches seminars and workshops on a national and international level where she shows and transmits her art, style and knowledge at a professional level. She has also formed a jury table at renowned events.

She constantly continues with her improvement.

It imparts a unique style, where emotions flow from the soul forming a union between body, mind and spirit
In its style, the traditional is rooted as its own and freedom gives wings to creativity and avant-garde.
This 2017 Safia will be part of highly renowned events and in charge of Arab Dance awards: in April at the Dariyam Cup in Ukraine, called by the extraordinary artist Dariya Mitskevich and in September, she will be one of the Masters of EIDA, an event that organizes the great Master Amir Thaleb, in its nineteenth edition.

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