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published Elisa Mello
Bailarina Elisa Mello - El Hantour (improviso)

Bailarina Elisa Mello - Primeiro Lugar no 8 Festival Nacional de Dança Expressão e Arte - 2017

Bailarina Elisa Mello - Mawood (improviso)

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published Aziza Krasnodar
Aziza belly dancer Oman ya helwa sabah

Butterfly belly dance show Aziza Oman

Khaleeji Oman Aziza belly dancer

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published Anna Pataridze
Anna Pataridze - Toul Omri (Safa Farid) in Cairo, Egypt

Anna Pishulenok (Pataridze) Baladi improvisation (professionals) with band

Anna Pataridze at "Georgias Got Talent", general rehearsal

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published Yulia YR Redkous
Yulia Redkous Fakarouni Oud on the gala show Ahlan lel Hob 2014

Yulia Redkous - Mejanse "Dalaa el Helwain"

'Mozza Masraiy' Yulia Redkous in 2015 El Sa'awah festival(Seoul,Korea)

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Costumes on mesurements
Costume black and pink
Diva Darina (Konstantinova) -
One of the most prominent and popular Ukrainian dancers. Professional teacher and choreographer. Talented and charismatic Darina has an incredibly elegant style of dance, and her sensual choreography captivates audiences.

Multiple champion of Ukraine, winners of many prestigious festivals!

Darina is one of the young stars of belly dance. At age 13, she opened her own dance school, and at 14 has already given her first workshops.
Now Darina Konstantinova one of the most popular dancers and choreographers, guest star and ticher many prestigious international festivals. And her choreography dance many professionals around the world!

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1st place in Let's Dance Prague Oriental Competition 2016 organized by Kathreen Derouet
Jury: Salah Rambo, Kaidi Udris, Evelina Papazova, Nabila Sabha, Kamilla, Lucie Křehlíková
Music: Lamma Bada
Choreography: Andalee
Category: folklor solo, profi 
published Costume
Any color, any size
published Mahaila El Helwa
Mahaila El Helwa in North Carolina/USA - Pyramid Road March 2017 organized by Debbie Kieslich.
Music: W Btetghayar El Daayea - Majida El Roumi

Apresentação especial de Mahaila El Helwa e Zeca Lima interpretando "Bolero de Ravel" no Mercado Persa 2018.

Mahaila El Helwa e Tarik em Lisboa/Portugal
Organização: Dançatittude e APDV

Mahaila El Helwa em Lisboa/Portugal

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published Amina Sameya

Initiated in the secrets of belly dance from the age of 6, Amina considers dance as not only a form of art but also a way of life, having over 20 years of experience in oriental, sacred dance and not only. She loves oriental spirituality and culture, practicing yoga for 10 years and integrates the art of sacred femininity into her belly dance courses, as understood by ancient civilizations. She will teach you how to practice this form of dance and how to get to know and amplify your femininity, carried by fascinating vibrations of oriental rhythms.

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Ekaterina Oleinikova ⊰⊱ Gala show Cairo

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published 宁佐寒
enta omri desert

the band live show
published Jamila Wang
ABOUT JAMILA Jamila is often lauded by many as South East Asia's most beautiful and captivating Queen of Oriental Dance. She is one of Singapore's most influential and outstanding Oriental Dance artiste. Formerly a professional model, Jamila was appointed as Singapore's "Golden Flower" cultural ambassador to ASEAN, in 2009. Jamila's dance style is a masterful and radiant combination of grace, charm, mystery and emotions. It is an angelic, elegant style she has honed and continues to perfect over the years. Her ability to be move as 'one' with the music and to amplify the musical score with fluid, mesmerizing body movements bars none. As the audience, you will be treated to an exquisite visual-audio choreography like no other. Jamila attributes this to her inherent ability to 'decipher' musical keynotes naturally and intrinsically. Jamila is often invited overseas both as a teacher and as a dance artiste. Countries include Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Turkey & Egypt. In the local media circle, Jamila is a frequently invited guest for interviews and performances on television and various other media and publications. She has performed at events such as the F1 Race, the Youth Olympic Games, the local Chinese Embassy and also at many big charity events, among others. Jamila has performed for local important figures such as former Singapore President Mr. S.R Nathan, Emeritus Senior Minister Dr. Goh Chok Tong and former Minster Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Jamila 海青 - 非凡舞蹈学校创始人,新加坡世界肚皮舞节主办人

JAMILA 海青,出生于艺术世家,8岁学习钢琴,早年年随家人移民澳洲,并考取了南澳国立大学MBA工商管理硕士学位,以全班第一的成绩获得年度最佳学生奖,目前定居新加坡,一个偶然的机会,让她对肚皮舞一见钟情,从2005年以来,海青一直不断积累,她多次前往埃及,土耳其等多个肚皮舞发源地国家进修,拜访国际知名大师,如Asmahan,Ahmed Refaat,Aleksei,Dina, Khaled Mahmoud,Mr and Mrs Hossam & Serena Ramzy, Magdy, Mercedes Nieto,Dr. Mo Geddawi, Nour, Prof. Hassan Khalil Orit Maftsir, Madam Raqia Hassan,Serkan Tutar, Tito,Tommy King,此后她师承多方,汲取众长,在保留传统肚皮舞魅力的同时,积极创新并融合不同风格的现代元素,发展出独树一帜的海青style肚皮舞。 她在舞蹈方面的独特天赋,使她成为第一个被中东著名钢琴家钦点的本地舞者,2009年4月,她特邀在滨海艺术中心与GUY MANOUKIAN同台诠释钢琴与肚皮舞的完美结合。 同年5月,中国广西卫视电视台亲临新加坡为她做了个人专访,节目在中国地区滚动播放,收看节目的观众超过上亿人,也使更多的中国观众认识了海青–东方舞的精灵。 2009年 10月,她又代表新加坡先后去越南胡志明电视台,广西卫星电视台等亚洲多个国家电视台表演,并在广西艺术学院举办专场肚皮舞研讨会,反响热烈。 她的舞蹈融合了很多现代元素,是第一个把肚皮舞用舞台剧形式创新展现的艺术家,新颖独特的风格优美细腻广受欢迎。跳而优则教,2009年,海青创办了"新加坡非凡舞蹈学校",海青及她的舞蹈团队 - Bellydance Extraordinaire应邀在新加坡最大型的妆艺大游行活动中表演,观众包括社区各基层领袖及国务资政吴作栋总理。如今,除了跳舞之外,海青也开始培养新一代优秀舞者,设计编排高水准的肚皮舞舞台剧。并率团参与国际演出交流活动。籍此让更多的人认识肚皮舞,喜欢肚皮舞,将肚皮舞升华到更高的艺术领域,并且让更多的人认识新加坡。此外,Jamila 海青还被邀请到以下国家授课及表演:马来西亚,越南,中国,韩国和土耳其。与此同时她也经常为当地的慈善机构组织义演等活动。 Jamila 海青年均100场现场演出,受到普遍喜爱。她独特的舞蹈风格广受欢迎并竞相被其他舞者学习和模仿。目前Jamila 海青脸谱网站上有超过有100000粉丝。她将满怀激情的继续向前引领东方舞的潮流。欣赏过她精彩演出的观众包括新加坡资政李光耀、总理吴作栋、前总统纳丹夫妇及各基层领袖和著名人士。  东方舞蹈不仅是一种运动,一种艺术, 对我而言更是一种美丽,一种心理治疗。 在追求舞蹈艺术的路上,我收获了很多的友情,这些志同道合的姐妹们与我一起记录了无数的精彩瞬间及人生感动。 在我们的眼里,整个世界都是美好的。梦想只有一个,就是能够自由的随心起舞。我们在享受舞蹈的同时也更加读懂自己,感恩人生。  —Jamila

Jamila in Budapest - Bellydance Extraordinaire Singapore

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published Assala Ibrahim
Assala Ibrahim is an International Performer, Choreographer and Instructor
She is also a researcher of Iraqi gypsy 
and Arabic folk, culture and Dance
She was born and raised in Iraq and now lives Switzerland 
She is a member of International Dance 
Council - CID -- UNESCO

Alf Lila wa Lila

Assala Ibrahim Raqs Sharqi Alf layla wa layla with Zaher Assaf and Orchestra

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Lausanne intensive weekend

Saturday 17.11 14:30-19:30
  • Iraqi Raqs El Kawliya 
  • Raqs Basrawai

Sunday 18.11 11:00-16:00
  • Classic Sharqi with two veils 
  • Baladi
Registration :
published Lylia Bourbia
Lylia a toujours été passionnée par les disciplines artistiques. Dès son plus jeune âge, elle développe sa créativité et sa sensibilité musicale par la pratique de la danse classique, la danse contemporaine et le piano. C'est en 2004 qu'elle découvre la danse orientale avec Latifa Saadi à l'île de la réunion.

Forte d'une expérience riche et diversifiée, elle a su développer un style alliant subtilement tradition et modernité. Espiègle, sensuelle, charmeuse, élégante... Lylia conquérit le coeur de son public à chaque performance. Elle est d'ailleurs régulièrement invitée à danser et à enseigner lors de prestigieux évènements nationaux même internationaux (Espagne, Guadeloupe, Serbie, Suisse, Monaco etc).

Son talent est récompensé à de nombreuses reprises :

- Mai 2016 : premier prix du festival Oriental Marathon à Montpellier.
- Septembre 2015 : premier prix du festival Tarabesque à Barcelone.
- Février 2015 : deuxième prix du festival Egipto en Barcelona de vient ainsi la première française à être dans le top 3 depuis la création du festival (10 ans).
- Mai 2012 : premier prix à Nice
- Février 2010 : deuxième prix lors de l'Open de danse orientale à Paris.

Voulant transmettre son savoir et sa passion, elle se tourne naturellement vers le professorat en 2009 et enseigne au travers de cours réguliers et de stages en région bordelaise. Elle est égalemement régulièrement solicitée pour des formations privées et des cours particuliers.

En 2014, elle devient directrice artistique et chorégraphe de la compagnie ALMAZ qui est invitée à se produire régulièrement en région Aquitaine et en France.

Performance at Diamonds of Orient in Warsaw (Poland) organized by Kasia Wronka and Dominika Suchecka.
Costume : Miae Design
Music : Betnadini tani lih
Zills/Sagats : Saroyan

Performance at Oriental Marathon festival in Montpellier, organized by Sharon Mesguich.
Music : Baladi Accordeon Saidi - horatio & beata

Performance at Oriental Love festival in Belgrade, organized by Leila Oriental.
Music : Bent ll balad, Ana Warag ll Foull, Mdalla ya hilou - Fatme Serhan

Lylia au concours international du festival Oriental Marathon 2016 à Montpellier organisé par Sharon Mesguish.
Elle remporte le premier prix en catégorie professionnelle avec pour jury Orit Maftsir, Sahar Samara, Dariya Miskevich, Elena Ramazanova, Mayodi, Yaël Zarca, Hakim, Alisha Lee et Serkan Tutar.
Costume : Miae Design
Musique : Ama Barawa - Hussain Al Jassmi

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